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Text 53

yavana-sakalera ‘mukti’ habe anāyāse
‘hā rāma, hā rāma’ bali’ kahe nāmābhāse

yavana-sakalera — of all the yavanas; mukti — liberation; habe — there will be; anāyāse — very easily; hā rāma hā rāma — “O Lord Rāma, O Lord Rāma”; bali’ — saying; kahe — they say; nāma-ābhāse — almost chanting the holy name of the Lord without offenses.

“Because the yavanas are accustomed to saying ‘hā rāma, hā rāma’ [‘O Lord Rāmacandra’], they will very easily be delivered by this nāmābhāsa.

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