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Text 127

sevaka gatāgati kare, nāhi avasara
tāra sparśa haile, sarva-nāśa habe mora”

sevaka — servants; gatāgati kare — come and go; nāhi avasara — there is no interval; tāra sparśa haile — if I touch them; sarva-nāśa habe mora — I shall be ruined.

“The servants are always coming and going without interval. If I touch them, I shall be ruined.”

Herein it is very clearly indicated that priests performing Deity worship should be careful to keep themselves completely pure and not be touched by outsiders. Sanātana Gosvāmī and Haridāsa Ṭhākura, thinking themselves mlecchas and yavanas because of their past association with Muslims, did not enter the temple or even travel on the path in front of the temple gate. It is customary for the priests of temples in India not even to touch outsiders or enter the Deity room after having been touched. This is a very important item in temple worship.

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