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Text 59

‘mādane’ — cumbanādi haya ananta vibheda
‘udghūrṇā’, ‘citra-jalpa’ — ‘mohane’ dui bheda

mādane — in the stage of mādana; cumbana-ādi — kissing and similar activities; haya — are; ananta vibheda — unlimited divisions; udghūrṇā — unsteadiness; citra-jalpa — various mad talks; mohane — the stage of mohana; dui bheda — two divisions.

“On the mādana platform there are kissing and many other symptoms, which are unlimited. In the mohana stage, there are two divisions — udghūrṇā [unsteadiness] and citra-jalpa [varieties of mad emotional talks].

For further information, see Madhya-līlā 1.87.

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