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Text 6

e dui, — bhāvera ‘svarūpa’, ‘taṭastha’ lakṣaṇa
premera lakṣaṇa ebe śuna, sanātana

ei dui — these two; bhāvera — of emotion; svarūpa — constitutional; taṭastha — marginal; lakṣaṇa — symptoms; premera — of love; lakṣaṇa — the symptoms; ebe — now; śuna — hear; sanātana — O Sanātana.

“Bhāva [emotion] has two different symptoms — constitutional and marginal. Now, My dear Sanātana, listen to the symptoms of love.

The word śuddha-sattva-viśeṣātmā means “situated on the transcendental platform of pure goodness.” In this way the soul is purified of all material contamination, and this position is called svarūpa-lakṣaṇa, the constitutional symptom of bhāva, emotion. By various tastes, one’s heart is softened, and there is an awakening of one’s loving propensity to render spontaneous service to the Lord. This is called taṭastha-lakṣaṇa, the marginal symptom of bhāva.

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