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Text 92

sambhāvanaṁ tava parivraḍhima-svabhāvam
māyā-balena bhavatāpi niguhyamānaṁ
paśyanti kecid aniśaṁ tvad-ananya-bhāvāḥ

ullaṅghita — passed over; tri-vidha — three kinds; sīma — the limitations; sama — of equal; atiśāyi — and of excelling; sambhāvanam — by which the adequacy; tava — Your; parivraḍhima — of supremacy; svabhāvam — the real nature; māyā-balena — by the strength of the illusory energy; bhavatā — Your; api — although; niguhyamānam — being hidden; paśyanti — they see; kecit — some; aniśam — always; tvat — to You; ananya-bhāvāḥ — those who are exclusively devoted.

“O my Lord, everything within material nature is limited by time, space and thought. Your characteristics, however, being unequaled and unsurpassed, are always transcendental to such limitations. You sometimes cover such characteristics by Your own energy, but nevertheless Your unalloyed devotees are always able to see You under all circumstances.”

This is a verse from the Stotra-ratna (13) of Yāmunācārya.

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