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Text 59

pūrva ājñā, — veda-dharma, karma, yoga, jñāna
saba sādhi’ śeṣe ei ājñā — balavān

pūrva ājñā — previous orders; veda-dharma — performance of Vedic ritualistic ceremonies; karma — fruitive activities; yoga — mystic yoga practice; jñāna — speculative knowledge; saba sādhi’ — executing all these processes; śeṣe — at the end; ei ājñā — this order; balavān — powerful.

“Although Kṛṣṇa previously explained the proficiency of executing Vedic rituals, performing fruitive activity as enjoined in the Vedas, practicing yoga and cultivating jñāna, these last instructions are most powerful and stand above all the others.

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