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Text 20

hatvā kāṇvaṁ suśarmāṇaṁ
tad-bhṛtyo vṛṣalo balī
gāṁ bhokṣyaty andhra-jātīyaḥ
kañcit kālam asattamaḥ

hatvā — killing; kāṇvam — the Kāṇva king; suśarmāṇam — named Suśarmā; tat-bhṛtyaḥ — his own servant; vṛṣalaḥ — a low-class śūdra; balī — named Balī; gām — the earth; bhokṣyati — will rule; andhra-jātīyaḥ — of the Andhra race; kañcit — for some; kālam — time; asattamaḥ — most degraded.

The last of the Kāṇvas, Suśarmā, will be murdered by his own servant, Balī, a low-class śūdra of the Andhra race. This most degraded Mahārāja Balī will have control over the earth for some time.

Here is a further description of how uncultured men infiltrated government administration. The so-called king named Balī is described as asattama, a most impious, uncultured man.

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