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Text 205

“tomā-sabāra doṣa nāhi, ei ajña brāhmaṇa
tāra doṣa nāhi, tāra tarka-niṣṭha mana

tomā-sabāra — of all of you; doṣa — fault; nāhi — there is not; ei — this; ajña — ignorant; brāhmaṇa — so-called brāhmaṇa; tāra doṣa nāhi — he is also not at fault; tāra — his; tarka-niṣṭha — accustomed to speculation; mana — mind.

“None of you are at fault,” he said. “Indeed, even this ignorant so-called brāhmaṇa is not at fault, for he is accustomed to dry speculation and logic.

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