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Text 167

abhidheya, sādhana-bhakti ebe kahiluṅ sanātana
saṅkṣepe kahiluṅ, vistāra nā yāya varṇana

abhidheya — the means of obtaining the desired object; sādhana-bhakti — devotional service performed by means of the body and senses; ebe — now; kahiluṅ — I have described; sanātana — My dear Sanātana; saṅkṣepe — in short; kahiluṅ — I have described; vistāra — expansion; nā yāya — is not possible; varṇana — describing.

“My dear Sanātana, I have briefly described the process of devotional service in practice, which is the means for obtaining love of Kṛṣṇa. It cannot be described broadly.”

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