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Text 41

mūrtī ime bhagavato bhagavaṁs tri-lokyāḥ
kṣemāya tāpa-viramāya ca mṛtyu-jityai
nānā bibharṣy avitum anya-tanūr yathedaṁ
sṛṣṭvā punar grasasi sarvam ivorṇanābhiḥ

mūrtī — the two personal forms; ime — these; bhagavataḥ — of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; bhagavan — O Lord; tri-lokyāḥ — of all the three worlds; kṣemāya — for the ultimate benefit; tāpa — of material misery; viramāya — for the cessation; ca — and; mṛtyu — of death; jityai — for the conquest; nānā — various; bibharṣi — You manifest; avitum — for the purpose of protecting; anya — other; tanūḥ — transcendental bodies; yathā — just as; idam — this universe; sṛṣṭvā — having created; punaḥ — once again; grasasi — You swallow up; sarvam — entirely; iva — just like; ūrṇa-nābhiḥ — a spider.

O Supreme Personality of Godhead, these two personal forms of Yours have appeared to bestow the ultimate benefit for the three worlds — the cessation of material misery and the conquest of death. My Lord, although You create this universe and then assume many transcendental forms to protect it, You also swallow it up, just like a spider who spins and later withdraws its web.

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