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Text 42

tasyāvituḥ sthira-careśitur aṅghri-mūlaṁ
yat-sthaṁ na karma-guṇa-kāla-rajaḥ spṛśanti
yad vai stuvanti ninamanti yajanty abhīkṣṇaṁ
dhyāyanti veda-hṛdayā munayas tad-āptyai

tasya — of Him; avituḥ — the protector; sthira-cara — of the stationary and moving living beings; īśituḥ — the supreme controller; aṅghri-mūlam — the soles of His lotus feet; yat-stham — one who is situated at which; na — do not; karma-guṇa-kāla — of material work, material qualities and time; rajaḥ — the contamination; spṛśanti — touch; yat — whom; vai — indeed; stuvanti — praise; ninamanti — bow down to; yajanti — worship; abhīkṣṇam — at every moment; dhyāyanti — meditate upon; veda-hṛdayāḥ — who have assimilated the essence of the Vedas; munayaḥ — sages; tat-āptyai — for the purpose of achieving Him.

Because You are the protector and the supreme controller of all moving and nonmoving beings, anyone who takes shelter of Your lotus feet can never be touched by the contamination of material work, material qualities or time. Great sages who have assimilated the essential meaning of the Vedas offer their prayers to You. To gain Your association, they bow down to You at every opportunity and constantly worship You and meditate upon You.

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