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Text 53

evaṁ vasan gṛhe kālaṁ
virakto nyāsam āsthitaḥ
vanaṁ jagāmānuyayus
tat-patnyaḥ pati-devatāḥ

evam — in this way; vasan — living; gṛhe — at home; kālam — passing away time; viraktaḥ — became detached; nyāsam — in the renounced order of life; āsthitaḥ — became situated; vanam — in the forest; jagāma — he went; anuyayuḥ — was followed by; tat-patnyaḥ — all his wives; pati-devatāḥ — because their only worshipable object was their husband.

In this way he passed his life in household affairs for some time, but then he became detached from material enjoyment. To renounce material association, he accepted the vānaprastha order and went to the forest. His devoted wives followed him, for they had no shelter other than their husband.

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