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Text 85

“ayaṁ hi bhagavān dṛṣṭaḥ kīrtitaḥ saṁsmṛtaś ca
dveṣānubandhenāpy akhila-surāsurādi-durlabhaṁ
phalaṁ prayacchati, kim uta samyag bhaktimatām” iti

ayam — this; hi — certainly; bhagavān — Supreme Personality of Godhead; dṛṣṭaḥ — seen; kīrtitaḥ — glorified; saṁsmṛtaḥ — remembered; ca — and; dveṣa — of envy; anubandhena — with the conception; api — although; akhila-sura-asura-ādi — by all demigods and demons; durlabham — very rarely achieved; phalam — result; prayacchati — awards; kim uta — what to speak of; samyak — fully; bhakti-matām — of those engaged in devotional service; iti — thus.

‘Although the Supreme Personality of Godhead may be seen, glorified or remembered with an attitude of envy, He nevertheless awards the most confidential liberation, which is rarely achieved by the demigods and demons. What, then, can be said of those who are already fully engaged in devotional service to the Lord?’

This is a quotation from the Viṣṇu Purāṇa (4.15.17).

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