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Text 51

‘anubhāva’ — smita, nṛtya, gītādi udbhāsvara
stambhādi — ‘sāttvika’ anubhāvera bhitara

anubhāva — subordinate ecstasy; smita — smiling; nṛtya — dancing; gīta-ādi — songs and so on; udbhāsvara — symptoms of bodily manifestation; stambha-ādi — being stunned and others; sāttvika — natural; anubhāvera bhitara — within the category of subordinate ecstasies.

“The subordinate ecstasies are smiling, dancing and singing, as well as different manifestations in the body. The natural ecstasies, such as being stunned, are considered among the subordinate ecstasies [anubhāva].

The Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu (2.2.1) describes anubhāva as follows:

anubhāvās tu citta-stha-bhāvānām avabodhakāḥ
te bahir vikriyā prāyāḥ
proktā udbhāsvarākhyayā

“The many external ecstatic symptoms, or bodily transformations which indicate ecstatic emotions in the mind and which are also called udbhāsvara, are the anubhāvas, or subordinate ecstatic expressions of love.” Some of these symptoms are dancing, falling down and rolling on the ground, singing and crying very loudly, bodily contortions, loud vibrations, yawning, deep breathing, disregard for others, the frothing of saliva, mad laughter, spitting, hiccups and other, similar symptoms. All these symptoms are divided into two divisions — śīta and kṣepaṇa. Singing, yawning and so on are called śīta. Dancing and bodily contortions are called kṣepaṇa.

In his Anubhāṣya, Śrīla Bhaktisiddhānta Sarasvatī Ṭhākura quotes the following verse from the Vedic literature describing udbhāsvara:

udbhāsante sva-dhāmnītiproktā udbhāsvarā budhaiḥ
sraṁsanaṁ gātra-moṭanam
jṛmbhā ghrāṇasya phullatvaṁ
niśvāsādyāś ca te matāḥ

“The ecstatic symptoms manifest in the external body of a person in ecstatic love are called udbhāsvara by learned scholars. Some of these are a slackening of the belt and a dropping of clothes and hair. Others are bodily contortions, yawning, a trembling of the front portion of the nostrils, heavy breathing, hiccupping and falling down and rolling on the ground. These are the external manifestations of emotional love.” Stambha and other symptoms are described in Madhya-līlā 14.167.

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