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Text 43

nānyaṁ tavāṅghry-upanayād apavarga-mūrteḥ
kṣemaṁ janasya parito-bhiya īśa vidmaḥ
brahmā bibhety alam ato dvi-parārdha-dhiṣṇyaḥ
kālasya te kim uta tat-kṛta-bhautikānām

na anyam — no other; tava — Your; aṅghri — of the lotus feet; upanayāt — than the attainment; apavarga-mūrteḥ — who are liberation personified; kṣemam — benefit; janasya — for the person; paritaḥ — on all sides; bhiyaḥ — who is fearful; īśa — O Lord; vidmaḥ — do we know; brahmā — Lord Brahmā; bibheti — is afraid; alam — very much; ataḥ — on account of this; dvi-parārdha — the entire duration of the universe; dhiṣṇyaḥ — the period of whose reign; kālasya — because of time; te — Your feature; kim uta — then what to speak; tat-kṛta — created by him, Brahmā; bhautikānām — of the mundane creatures.

My dear Lord, even Lord Brahmā, who enjoys his exalted position for the entire duration of the universe, fears the passage of time. Then what to speak of those whom Brahmā creates, the conditioned souls. They encounter fearful dangers at every step of their lives. I do not know of any relief from this fear except shelter at Your lotus feet, which are the very form of liberation.

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