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tvam ādi-devaḥ puruṣaḥ purāṇas
tvam asya viśvasya paraṁ nidhānam
vettāsi vedyaṁ ca paraṁ ca dhāma
tvayā tataṁ viśvam ananta-rūpa

tvam – You; ādi-devaḥ – the original Supreme God; puruṣaḥ – personality; purāṇaḥ – old; tvam – You; asya – of this; viśvasya – universe; param – transcendental; nidhānam – refuge; vettā – the knower; asi – You are; vedyam – the knowable; ca – and; param – transcendental; ca – and; dhāma – refuge; tvayā – by You; tatam – pervaded; viśvam – the universe; ananta-rūpa – O unlimited form.

You are the original Personality of Godhead, the oldest, the ultimate sanctuary of this manifested cosmic world. You are the knower of everything, and You are all that is knowable. You are the supreme refuge, above the material modes. O limitless form! This whole cosmic manifestation is pervaded by You!

Everything is resting on the Supreme Personality of Godhead; therefore He is the ultimate rest. Nidhānam means that everything, even the Brahman effulgence, rests on the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa. He is the knower of everything that is happening in this world, and if knowledge has any end, He is the end of all knowledge; therefore He is the known and the knowable. He is the object of knowledge because He is all-pervading. Because He is the cause in the spiritual world, He is transcendental. He is also the chief personality in the transcendental world.

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