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Text 108

yasmān nodvijate loko
lokān nodvijate tu yaḥ
mukto yaḥ sa ca me priyaḥ

yasmāt — from whom; na — not; udvijate — is agitated by fear or lamentation; lokaḥ — the people in general; lokāt — from the people; na — not; udvijate — is agitated; tu — but; yaḥ — who; harṣa — jubilation; amarṣa — anger; bhaya — fear; udvegaiḥ — and from anxiety; muktaḥ — liberated; yaḥ — anyone who; saḥ — he; ca — also; me priyaḥ — My very dear devotee.

‘He by whom no one is put into difficulty or anxiety and who is not disturbed by anyone, who is liberated from jubilation, anger, fear and anxiety, is very dear to Me.

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